Bollywood Academy


Starlet Rivals (2022)


Twelve-year-old Bela has always dreamed about becoming a famous Bollywood star, and now the opportunity might finally be within her grasp.

When a reality TV show gives her the chance to dance in front of the nation, she knows that she is performing for a place at the most prestigious stage school in Mumbai.

Can Bela win the Dance Starz competition to score a place at the Bollywood Academy and move one step closer to her dreams of stardom? And will child star Monica, the most in girl at school, see her as a friend or a rival? 

Illustrations: Jen Khatun

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Melody Queen (2023)

Coming in 2023

The follow-up to Starlet Rivals features Simi Prasad, a Bollywood Academy student from Film Nagar in Hyderabad.


Follow Simi's journey as she attempts to make her mark at the most prestigious Bollywood stage school in the world. 

Image by FPVmat A

Available 2023